True Paper Prowess

It has been a long day of writing, editing, revising, and more writing. I am diligently working on an update of my proposal for the agent to send out a Round Two with editors and publishers. What I thought would be a simple update with some additional information I had unearthed turned into a snowball effect with more research and more updating involved.  I get so excited when I add what I believe to be fun and exciting information to the book but it is a lot of work. David took the two youngest girls to the library this afternoon to give me some uninterrupted time. Imagine my surprise when an unexpected box arrived on my doorstep. I didn’t recognize the address on the return label but I did recognize the name on the side of the box “papercoterie.”  I had ordered some personalized notebooks with a $40 code that was posted on Hip2Save a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t take much to convince me to slog through what amounted to an extremely slow and excruciatingly complicated website process.  $40 in free paper? I’m in! So what is it takes me a good hour to order?  FREE PAPER. Enough said.

It turns out that website experience was not usual for this company but the end result of offering a $40 coupon code that went viral.

I waited until I finished the last few pages of the section I’d been editing, and then, my heart beating faster, I carefully removed the tape of the box.

I was not disappointed.  On the top of my order was a free necklace, a welcome gift to their company. 

Beneath that free gift was a bubble-wrapped package.  Underneath the protective bubbles, my order was artfully wrapped in light blue tissue paper. My hands shook slightly as I broke the seal and unwrapped what turned out to be three separate cardboard protective sleeves, each containing a personalized journal.

The journals have thick lined pages to write on, and a ribbon marker attached to the spine, for holding one’s place.  I can’t wait to start writing in them.  I only wished I hadn’t been so selfish and had ordered one for a gift. Instead, because of the slowness of the website that day, I had so much trouble making my order, I just stuck with photos that were readily available on my desktop, and even then I had trouble downloading. The system told me my photo of David and I was too small to load properly, but by then an hour had passed and I wasn’t about to try something else. I think it turned out nicely, anyway.

All I could think after opening this box is These people really know paper and paper-lovers.  Of course a paper-lover would revel in the tissue-wrapped package, would be in awe of separate cardboard protective sleeves for their journal, would thrill at the free gift of a lovely necklace.  Though pricey ($16 a journal), I can almost see myself buying more for gifts this year.   

Now to start writing.   Again.

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A love affair~ with paper

I have written before this regarding my fascination with all things paper.  I am sure there is a scrapbooker inside of me simply because of that fascination. I cannot pass up a good deal on scrapbooking supplies any more than I can do without a clearance box of stationery. Beside the fact that I am a writer and I deal with paper and pen on a daily basis, I am also an avid letter-writer. I am a great fan of Alexandra Stoddard books, such as her tome on letter writing, Gifts of a Letter.  I love the way she writes about paper and pens and find myself practically drooling over her description of her files and bins of fine papers. The fact that she might use colored ink with a $500 fountain pen to write a simple note does not detract from the fact that we share a common interest in the love of paper.  I am sure my cupboard of boxed stationery, printer paper, inexpensive Papermate pens and assorted envelopes doesn’t hold a candle to Stoddard’s stash, but it still pleases me:

I haven’t decided yet if my paper obsession is a healthy or an unhealthy one, but I lean towards it being healthy since I do use the papers and pens and not just hoard them. I also have the decidedly healthy habit of sharing my bounty with others; as Christmas gifts for an equally-obsessed daughter and sister. I regularly go through my cupboards and get rid of any stationery, paper, or pens that are no longer pleasing to me. If you are under the illusion that paper is paper and a pen is a pen, you are sadly mistaken. The thickness or the texture of a piece of paper can make a huge difference in the enjoyment of writing on it.  The same goes for whatever instrument one uses to write with. I don’t like writing with pencil at all, and prefer a blue ink to a black, along with a very rounded nib instead of a sharp one.

It is evident that I have more than a passing interest in papers and pens when I browse the stationery aisles of a store. Even at thrift stores I will search for vintage stationery and scrapbooking supplies. And when it comes to online sales of stationery products, I can’t resist at least perusing the virtual aisles of offerings.  Which is why I used my Living Social $5 sign-up bonus to purchase a gift certificate from Vistaprint today.

For $10, TODAY ONLY, you can purchase a $50 gift certificate for personalized stationery, business cards and even mugs. Even without the $5 bonus, this is a must-do offer for any paper lover. I’m sure I’ll be able to find $50 worth of paper products for my $5 investment. And this is one of the few offers I can’t resist sharing with my paper-loving friends.