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A Different Kind of Sad; Not Quite Depressed

There are so many reasons why I’d prefer not to talk about what I’m feeling like, but one very good one why I need to. Someone is feeling the same way. This might help.

I don’t believe it was coincidence I picked up this book today. I believe it was an answer to my prayers. To learn more about Holley Gerth and her books, including Fiercehearted: Live Fully, Love Bravelycheck out her website at

8 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Sad; Not Quite Depressed”

  1. You’re doing better than you know, Mary. Praying this will help someone else dealing with dysthymia. Depression stinks! (But God will bring us through it). Hope you feel better in the new year! ~Robyn

  2. Mary, thank you for sharing this. I think some of it has to do with our expectations and our own reactions to them. Because of circumstances this year, we had no Thanksgiving. And no Christmas (unless you count a Casey’s pizza, only able to have the topping). But it was okay. Maybe this is a new normal. . . .

  3. You are brave to share this. A plan is a good thing, Mary. I’ve learned so much about depression, especially how it’s related to hormone health and sleep. Wishing you a New Year full of new days of healing.

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