Book Review: 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart

I’ll admit to choosing a review copy of Liz Curtis Higgs’ 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart for two main reasons; the lovely cover, and my desire to learn more Bible verses.


Higgs begins each chapter with a verse, and then breaks that verse down into parts. She weaves ancedotes and explanations into each chapter, but I found it disconcerting that she continually refered to different versions of the Bible when she explains passages or verses. As an example, from page 33:

“Your Bible may say ‘I am ready’ (AMP), ‘I am able’ (HCS’), or ‘I can endure’ (CEB).”

Please, unless I am a Bible scholar, I don’t need to know all the different versions or translations. I just want to read uplifting messages and learn Bible verses from a single study Bible.

Higgs wrote “When you spend time in God’s Word, life starts making sense. The broken places inside you begin to heal. Darkness and discouragement give way to the light of hope. Your purpose becomes clearer, and your desire to make a difference grows.”

I agree completely. Unfortunately, she lost me with the constant references to different versions. Thankfully, she makes up for it with her excellent study guide at the back of the book.

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