Book Review: One of the Few

Not my usual reading fare, I agreed to review this book because a Marine joined my family this year. Yes, my daughter married a young man who graduated from Marine Corps Officer Candidate School this past summer.


I couldn’t help but think of my new son as I read One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd. Like Ladd, Hugh is a committed Christian. Unlike Ladd, he was raised that way. Ladd had to find his own path to God.

This author, a US Marine fighter pilot who sees combat in Iraq,  explores life’s important questions as he searches for the truth. He contrasts spiritual apathy against Christian faith in the epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter, and further explores those same topics in each chapter. Sexual immorality and sin are just two of the topics Ladd explores without debasing himself in the process. His five children are lucky to have such a strong father figure with such high morals. Digging deep into his quest, Ladd applies the art and science of a fighter pilot to become the best man and father he can be.

Ladd touched too briefly on some more personal aspects of his journey, including a pregnancy that ends in the loss of a child.  That is the story I would typically pick up to read. That is the next book I wait for him to write.

In the meantime, I know one young man who will receive this review copy for Christmas!

You can read more about the author on his website.

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