What’s On Your End Table?

Talking about books, both good and bad, got me to thinking about the books surrounding me; those I am reading, the books I have yet to read, and the shelves of research books for current projects.

These are the books currently on my end table next to the couch, where I sit every morning, imbibing in coffee from my very large mug. Among the books you will see a devotional from Max Lucado, the Bible, and a Bible study I currently facilitate. There are also two non-fiction books dealing with writing. This stack will vary as I complete one book and start another. As much as I hate to admit it, the truth is that the Bible and the devotional were added to daily reading just since David’s death. Now, I wouldn’t want to begin a day without either. The devotional changes, too, as I complete one and begin another. There will often be a fiction book added to this stack, as well.

books 004

The middle row of books on this bookshelf is mostly fiction books on my “to-read” list.:

books 005

Then there is a bottom shelf of mostly non-fiction books to read:

books 007

Books on the upper shelf of my desk, mostly reference for current works in progress, and/or subjects of interest for a future project.

books 008

And one of my favorite shelves of books; signed copies of books from authors I have met:

signed books 001

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more shelves of books in my home, of course, mostly hardcover copies of favorite books. Despite the wide assortment of books available within an arm’s reach, I still can’t stop at a library without picking up yet more books:

signed books 002

Now that you’ve gotten a peek into my book world, please share with me what is on YOUR end table.

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