Workshops, Websites, Writing and Walmart (gift card DRAWING, that is!)

It’s been a wild week or two, evidenced by my lack of posting on this blog.  I began this blog in 2009, in anticipation of publication of a book I’d written about caring for my husband during cancer, a book that ended up in a file drawer a couple of years ago. In the years since 2009, I don’t think I’ve gone more than a week without posting, not even after my mother’s death in 2010 or my husband David’s death last year, so it is really unusual for me to have gone so long without posting.  Rather than bore you with details, however, I’ll just share just the highlights of the last three weeks.

Website: My son Daniel completed my very lovely author website, which will eventually include all my blog postings. You will want to bookmark it for the future. can check out my workshop schedule on my website, and see where I am being published. Besides the couponing and writing workshops, I’ve been presenting a power point demonstration on utilizing your talents in your everyday life for mother/daughter events. I now also have an author Facebook page, which I hope my blog readers will “Like.”

Workshops: I’m consistently adding to and revising my workshops so that they will be helpful to attendees. I was thrilled last week to discover that a student from one of my writing workshops recently got into an anthology! The last week of April was a really busy one for me, with seven couponing workshops scheduled in the space of seven days! I have another workshop next week at the Marion, Iowa library, and will then have a little break before my next set of writing workshops at the River Lights bookstore in Dubuque and a presentation at the Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s workshop in June. Hopefully my lighter schedule will leave time for:

Writing: I am still working with the editor on Coupon Crazy but in response to a request for submission, I recently pulled out my old manuscript for the very cancer book that initially prompted this blog. After dusting it off and skimming through it, I do believe it is more than salvageable for publication. I intend to rewrite the entire first chapter and change the title, but the bulk of it is right there, waiting for some minor revision and an epilogue.

Family: My grandson Jacob was set up with Hospice last month. He had to stop the chemo drug for a while as his blood counts were so low. He had a CT scan today to determine where the doctors might do radiation to slow the growth of the tumors in his lungs. I am awed by his bravery and thankful for the gift of this little boy in our lives.            Other news with my family is that Jacob’s mother, Elizabeth, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on April 1, baby Amy Rose, named after my artist mother. Speaking of artists, my daughter Emily will be one of the featured “Emerging Artists” at the Iowa City Arts Festival in June. I am so proud of her! Her artwork has really blossomed in the last year.

In honor of Mother’s Day and my new granddaughter, I am giving away a $20 Walmart gift card and two recent anthologies my writing is featured in, to one lucky winner.

books for giveaway 004

For one entry, make a comment below. For another entry, “Like” my Facebook page.Winner will be drawn on Mother’s Day!!

25 thoughts on “Workshops, Websites, Writing and Walmart (gift card DRAWING, that is!)

  1. Tami Kelchen says:

    You have been busy! So good to hear you Wednesday night, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Jodie says:

    Mary, always love to read your blog..good, bad or just everyday, It is always well written….glad to see the facebook page too…

  3. robynm2012 says:

    Mary, glad you have the opportunity to do workshops and write…praying for you in all of that, and can’t wait to see you at the writers workshop in June!

  4. Carolyn Pierce says:

    Mary, congratulations on your new website, new granddaughter, and everything else! And I can’t wait for the “Coupon Crazy” book, which I already pre-ordered!

  5. Alice Zvacek says:

    I look forward to your coupon book. I think it will really help my daughter. I’m still lifting Jacob and all of you up in prayer.

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