I Believe

I believe that prayer is a very powerful tool. I believe that each individual prayer for my grandson Jacob has strength, and a group of believers praying is even more powerful.

But I ask you; what could be more powerful than the prayer of a grandmother who lost her own grandchild and still has faith?  I believe in the reality of spiritual warfare and I have seen it most intimately since the death of my mother in 2010.  In my distress this last week, I reached out to two women who are grandmothers that had lost their own grandchildren. Both are strong believers. They immediately began praying for Jacob. One of them inexplicably broke out in terrible hives. Her doctor had no explanation and the medication he prescribed did little to relieve the pain and itching. Yesterday morning, at 3:30 a.m. I caught this woman on Facebook. “Why are you up this time of the morning?” I asked her.

She replied, “Why are YOU up? Are you worrying?”

It turned out she was up because she couldn’t sleep with the pain and itching.  She also couldn’t figure out where the hives had come from, or why. I instinctively KNEW where the hives had come from; they’d come because she was so fervently praying for my grandson.  I was well aware how strange I sounded when I wrote “I believe the hives came  because you have been praying for Jacob. Someone doesn’t want you to pray. Someone wants you to be too uncomfortable to even be thinking about another. I am going to kneel down right now and pray for your healing.” I did just that when I got off the computer.  Later, after a long day of meetings in Cedar Falls, I would come home to see her message on Facebook: the itching and pain had disappeared and her skin had cleared shortly after my prayer.  The hives were gone. Go ahead and tell me this is a coincidence. Roll your eyes. Tell me prayer doesn’t work and I am delusional.  But I will continue to believe this: Despite the grim prognosis given by the doctors at the University of Iowa, there is a reason to continue to pray for Jacob and his family, and that reason is FAITH. Our answer might not be healing, but God is most definitely working in this little boy’s life.

Continue to pray with me; “Oh Lord, our faith is being tested with the latest doctor’s report on Jacob. We ask for strength and wisdom as we face the coming weeks. Please guide us in our search for hope in a hopeless situation. We dare to ask you for healing of this little boy, even as we strive to accept the reality that complete healing might not be your answer.  We remind ourselves today of your promise that you will walk with us on this journey. We thank you for the beautiful gift of Jacob in our lives. We thank you for the family, friends, and even strangers who support us during this difficult time, and we ask for your continued blessings as we navigate the labyrinth of cancer and confusion. Let us strive to continue to be good stewards of faith and become more like Jesus Christ through the trials of this life.  We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

One thought on “I Believe

  1. Amy says:

    It is a spiritual battle! We are at constant war with darkness. We (my entire family, cirlce of friends, and church) are praying for Jacob and your entire family. For healing, if it is God’s will. If it is not, then may God give you all peace and understanding why He blessed you with Jacob for only a short time on this earth. Your faith is inspiring!

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