Lovely Things and Thoughts

I stopped at a Goodwill store after a speaking engagement this week, and was enchanted by these plates I discovered:

Even though they were priced at $1 each, I couldn’t resist their beauty. When I got home I decided to store them in the shaker-style cabinet I’d inherited from my mother. Lo and behold, they match two of the pieces my mother had owned.

No wonder they’d appealed to me!

Another lovely thing I added to my house this week was a bench my sister was selling at her garage sale. How could I resist? I’ve always wanted a bench.

I put it in my entryway where my trunk (also inherited from my mother) had been, which necessitated moving the trunk in front of the couch. Of course, in moving it, I had to look inside, and there was the bag I used to keep all David’s “Get Well” cards after his heart attack, and the sympathy cards after his death. I spent a good hour going through them again. I couldn’t bear to look at the birthday cards he never got to see, the ones that had arrived on the day of his death, as well as the next day, his birthday.

I wonder if his family knew how much the birthday cards meant to him; he kept all of them on the kitchen table where he could see them for a few days, and especially loved the ones with a corny sense of humor. Those he held onto for a longer time, propping them up on the dresser.

Think about that the next time you think about sending a greeting card or a letter to someone you care about, and then decide to send an e-mail instead.

An e-mail is nice, but you can’t store it in a trunk to take out six months later, or prop it on a dresser.

3 thoughts on “Lovely Things and Thoughts

  1. sandielzinga says:

    Mary, I remember too how much all the cards meant to me after my husband died. I have them stored in a box and get them out now and then. I also had saved cards he gave me over the years and they are priceless!

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