Surrounded by Books and Paper

Before I headed home from a speaking engagement in Waterloo this morning, I took the time to peruse the wares at two different thrift stores.  I have two weaknesses, and neither one requires a huge outlay of cash as long as I shop used. But considering I just sold over 200 books and Ziplock bags full of greeting cards and stationery at my garage sale, one might wonder if I could benefit from a support group of some sort.

My name is Mary, and I am addicted to books and paper, and not necessarily in that order.

This is what today’s shopping spree adds to my already overflowing bookshelves and drawers of paper (that I actually write letters on, go figure)

Note that two of the books are on grief. Not only do I find myself studying grief, but I am currently involved in a writing project involving devotions for a grief Bible so I am immersing myself in God’s Word along with Christian perspectives on grief:

Splurge purchases included two big coffee mugs with a grape design ($1 each) and some $1 Vera Bradley plates that were so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. As I took the picture, it crossed my mind that they were almost too beautiful to eat from.

Then I turned one over and realized the plates are meant for display only, and could poison food. Now I’m not sure what I’ll do with them; I’d intended them for special guests. I don’t like poisoning my friends and family.

And for my daughter Elizabeth, two golden-oldies I used in my parenting when she was a little girl, along with a bag of vintage crayons “just because.”

What about you? What types of “things” do you love? Do you tend to go overboard in your acquisition of those things?

7 thoughts on “Surrounded by Books and Paper

  1. Sharon Mancini says:

    Books, books and more books!! Anything Vera Bradley, especially purses, Coach purses and Boyds Bears. Yes I go overboard!

  2. oxnermom3 says:

    I definitely have a problem with collecting books! Also, I am a huge texture person so I have enough blankets to warm the whole neighborhood plus some and yet I still feel the need to buy them if they “feel good” in my hands.

  3. sjlewis says:

    The Vera Bradley plates are beautiful. You might be able to use them as serving plates by lining them with inexpensive clear plastic disposable plates. I’m also a ‘collector’.

  4. Cathy McCollom says:

    Hi Mary, some day I hope to go to one of your seminars. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I am Janice and Elmer Jandik’s friend, I love books movies, books, music, books and more books and yes did I mention books. I hope to write a book some day and I wish I had known that you were selling books.

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