Book Giveaway: So Long Anthology

My copy of So Long:Short Memoirs of Loss and Remebrance arrived in yesterday’s mail.

Short Memoirs of Loss and Remembrance

                           Authored by               CoCo Harris
A heartfelt collection of narratives of various forms and shapes on grief, loss and remembrance. The following authors and titles are featured: MEGHAN K. BARNES Mad World; MARY CARPENTER Longing; FREDDA DURANDO My Fathers Hands; PAMELA GAY The Family Funeral;KELSEY GILMAN Forgiving Maren; JO GOING Stones and Roses; SUSAN GORDON Stars; NANCY GUSTAFSON Visiting Martha; PATRICIA GUZMAN About a Guy Named J* ;KRISTIN HERREN A Letter to My Sister; MARY POTTER KENYON My Winter of Discontent; MICHAL MAHGEREFTEH Things She Left Behind; LINDSEY MEAD Four Corners of the Tent; AMANDA MILLER One Breath, Then Another; PATRICIA O’DONNELL Translation; CARL PALMER Her Candle; and CHRISTOPHER WOODS The Light You Made.

This book contains my short memoir, “My Winter of Discontent,” that chronicles a condensed version of my journey through grief during the months following my mother’s death in November of 2010. Originally a 78 page manuscript, this version fills 44 pages in the book and includes pictures. In celebration fo the upcoming release, I am giving away two copies. To win a copy, just leave a comment after this posting, and I will randomly choose two names on Wednesday, July 18th.

12 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: So Long Anthology

  1. Carolyn Laxson says:

    I am so enjoying reading your blog. I would not even have known about it were it not for our communication which began prior to David’s death. You have a wonderful gift. And you can continue writing about grief as long as you want or need to. I don’t mind a bit. Your words enrich my life.

  2. Carolyn Brooks says:

    What a wonderful writer you are Mary. I enjoy reading your blog entries. Can’t wait to read your memoir of your mother’s passing, as well as the grief you experienced with David’s passing as well. You have a great gift of writing. Love to read your entries. Keep up the good work. God bless.

  3. Joan Kramer says:

    Too many people shove their grief deeply inside, afraid to “let it out” for others to see. I think sometimes we are afraid to explore the darker sides of our soul. But without death, life would not be so precious to us. Without sorrow, joy would pale. People need to share their grief, because in that sharing they help others to deal with their sorrow. I want to thank you Mary, for sharing your feelings because it has helped me to deal with the losses in my life-whether it is the loss of my parents, the changes that aging and chronic illnesses have brought to both my husband and I, or the estrangement we had with our son for a time; all the sorrows in our life are easier to deal with when we share them with others.

  4. Tami Kelchen says:

    You have been so brave to share your grief with all of us…often as I read your blog I smile or cry and I always pray for you. Thank you for taking the time to share with the world.

  5. Pat says:

    I love your writing; you truly have a gift and it is nice that you share it with others. There is many a time that I tear up while reading what you have written, you truly have a way with words. Looking forward to reading the anthology!!!

  6. Jodie says:

    I have been mulling over your comment the other day about someone asking when you will stop writing about grief, and am still just as appalled today as I was then. Everyone handles every situation differently-you are more than entitled to handle your grief any way you want. If writing helps you thru it, then write away. If that person does not like it, they can just stop reading your blog. If things never changed, the world would be a heck of a boring place. I enjoy your posts, even tho some of them make me cry-which means you are writing from your heart…hugs to you and the entire family

  7. Kim Harms says:

    Life has been a whirlwind for our family since I returned from Write-to-Publish, but I’m so thankful I was able to get to know you. I enjoy your blog, and I’d love to read more of your stuff.

  8. Denise White says:

    you are a truly great writer, and i hope you never get tired of hearing that….pick me, pick me, in your random drawing

  9. Paddy Druhl says:

    mary, I always enjoy reading your comments. You and your family continue to remain in my prayers. May god bless you in your new adventures. Praise the Lord for all that he is doing in your life. Keep turning it around for his glory.

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