What Would a Widow Want?

I imagine my readers were waiting with bated breath after my announcement yesterday that I was going shopping.

Would Mary find the perfect picture for her kitchen wall? What books might she find at HalfPrice books with her 15% off coupon? What exactly would a widow purchase to bring some joy back in her life? Jewelry? Shoes? A new purse?

How about this?


This included vintage stationery, greeting card kits, 88-cent books and a beautiful soy candle from Goodwill and several other books from HalfPrice books. (we never made it to Kohls because we took so long at Goodwill, HalfPrice Books, a Christian bookstore and a quick stop at the mall to use a $15 coupon given to me by my niece, Marian- thank you for the free earrings, not pictured, Marian!)

Total cost of what is pictured was $32. I used $18 in credit that was given to me for books and magazines I brought in, bringing my total down to $14, and $10 of that will be written off my taxes this year as a small business expense (Non-fiction writing book I will read and use for my next workshop and the two magnetic poetry kits that will be used as prizes at my August writing workshop)

So, what gives this widow joy?

Paper products and candles, especially the vintage stationery;


Good books. Shades of Grace, likely of much more literary value than the similarly titled Shades of Grey. Also a lovely copy of one of my childhood favorites, Little House on the Prairie.


A devotional I look forward to using and a non-fiction book for me to study and use in my workshops, along with fun prizes. I always give prizes at my workshops.


A vintage history book for young people that my husband would have loved.


A book that contains pictures like this one, depicting President Lincoln’s grandfather’s death at the hands of an Indian who is also being shot. Did you even know that Lincoln’s grandfather was killed by Indians? I didn’t, and I love learning new things. Can you imagine the wide-eyed look of a child reading this book when they see this picture?


Of course, on the way home from our trip to Cedar Rapids, we had to stop at my sister’s consignment store re-opening sale that always follows her big clearance sale. There, I netted a pair of shoes (you just knew this saga would include shoes, didn’t you?) and some homemade Patchouli bar soap, which will be added to a drawer full of writing paper because I love writing on scented paper.

I probably don’t need to point out that joy can come from very simple things; good books, good paper, and good shopping companions in the form of three of my daughters.

And one very nice pair of $8 shoes…






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