A Sign From Slightly Above

This day was going to be difficult for me, I knew that. As noted in this morning’s post, God cared enough about me to send me some beautiful Christian women to pray for me at breakfast. I went back to my room to write after that meal. I was alone as I hurried across campus to a workshop slated for 10:45 a.m.  I pausedfor a moment to admire the trees on the pathway, none of which had a sign tacked to them. I reflected on the similar walk David and I had conducted just last summer on the UNI campus. I knew better, but my heart still cried out, “Why, Lord? I miss him so much!”  At noon, I made my way back on the same path I’d come by, and spotted this sign, slightly above head level, tacked to a tree, and obviously meant for me:

I took it, as a reminder of a God who loves me very much.

I don’t think the tree minded.

Etoliation- If a tree does not suffer great winds and storms, its bark will not grow thick and strong. The tree, thin, naked and weak, will fall over and die.

Storms will bring strength, majesty, and growth. God brings storms to build us. When he builds us, we will go forward.

2 thoughts on “A Sign From Slightly Above

  1. Jean Vaux says:

    Ooo…read my comment on your first post this morning. I wrote that before I saw this. All around us, all around us. This great cloud of witnesses.

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