Oops. My Bad. Delayed Announcement of Book Drawing

I’m embarassed to admit I totally forgot about drawing two names for the winners of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Answered Prayers.  Wednesday came and went with the excitement of holding my first writing class for homeschooled young people, and then checking into ways I could run a similar class for adults and doing two interviews for the newspaper, a long hike with my sisters on Friday, working on Saturday…and suddenly, here it is: Sunday, and I finally remembered (in the middle of church this morning) that I’d forgotten to do my drawing!  So, here I am, only four days late, choosing the winners of the Chicken Soup books.  The names chosen in this random drawing are : Carolyn Brooks and Jacki Lottes Webber. Congratulations! Please e-mail your addresses to: mommytrack52040@yahoo.com and I’ll get the books mailed this week. (if I don’t forget~ha)

2 thoughts on “Oops. My Bad. Delayed Announcement of Book Drawing

  1. Debbie says:

    Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather or at least have a little time to do just that! enjoyed your last article in the Manchester paper!

  2. Jacki Lottes Webber says:

    Thank you SO very much! I have had a busy schedule recently too and am just now catching up on your blog! I will proudly display this book with all of the other books I have that you have pieces in! Thanks!

    Jacki Lottes Webber

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