Mom’s Mail

Last Monday my mother received more mail than I did.

My mother died last November.

Since then, her mail has been forwarded to my house, and despite the fact that it is nearly all junk mail, I can’t say I mind that much. There is something about seeing her name on a Catalyst newsletter or a Legion magazine. Up unti the day she died, almost 25 years after my father had passed away, my mother still got mail that was addressed to him. She never removed his name from the phone book either.  It remained Byron Potter for 25 years after his death.

One thought on “Mom’s Mail

  1. Barbara Hunter says:

    Hi, Mary

    I just discovered your blog today. My mother passed away on Aug. 19, just three months after she, my fiance, and I moved from Tennessee to the Chicago suburbs to be near my fiance’s daughters.

    She always got a lot of catalogs and now that they catalog companies discovered her Illinois address, they keep coming and like you, I enjoy seeing her name on them and have no plans to discontinue them.

    I am having a really hard time as Thanksgiving draws near.


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