Writer’s Residence author website

A blog is a great place to direct a prospective editor or publisher to samples of my writing, but it isn’t the same as an author website where they can see a list of where I’ve been published.  I read about Writer’s Residence in “The Writer” magazine months ago, and the key word easy caused me to tear out the article for future reference. Easy is an understatement.  If I can design a professional looking author site, then just about anyone can. Click here to see what I mean:

Mary Potter Kenyon

Still a work in progress, I’ve spent approximately four hours on the pages, adding pertinent information regarding my writing credits, and even photos of the books my essays are featured in.  I will want a more professional looking head shot, but my son Dan can help me with that.  There are more pages that can be added, including an “About Me” page, and even a blog page at some point.

I highly recommend this website for anyone interested in making their own author website.  There is a 30-day free trial offer, and the cost is minimal after that, less than $9.00 a month.

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