Doing My Part to Save the Postal Service

The U.S, Postal Service is in trouble. The postmaster general claims that the USPS is on the brink of default.

But I am doing my part to ensure their survival.  My outgoing mail today looks like this:

These are mostly Homeschool Newsletters going out in the mail.

Why even bother fixing the postal service, Kevin Williamson asks in a recent editorial. He claims the only thing USPS delivers is junk mail.

I beg to differ.

At least in my household, a good mail day means a letter from a friend, a book arriving from PaperBackSwap, a magazine, or a check from my writing. I look forward to the mail. No e-mail will replace the feel of a letter written on stationery, a greeting card, or even a short note from a friend. My friend. Mary, and I have been writing letters for almost 25 years, and we rarely e-mail.

Can e-mails be put in a pretty box, to be pulled out later?

Sure, if we want to print them out and file them, but who is going to do that?

What about the stack of letters from our now-deceased mother written to her mother, detailing her years of raising children in the 50’s and 60’s? Despite the ugly box, they are a treasure-trove of history.

Our letters today are the history of tomorrow.

Why didn’t I just e-mail the latest homeschool newsletter?  For one thing, you can’t stick an e-mail onto the refrigerator as a reminder of the upcoming picnic. For another, I intimately know the joy of pulling a letter, (a real letter!) out of the mailbox.

I like being part of that joy.

I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Check out this webpage for information about “The Note Project.” From their webpage:

The Note Project is a global movement to make the world a million times better by inspiring people to share notes of appreciation. Our goal is 1 million notes! The project was founded by Mike O’Mary, and was inspired by the reaction of people to his video and “The Note” gift book.

3 thoughts on “Doing My Part to Save the Postal Service

  1. Amy P. says:

    My family & I live for our mail. We even sing sometimes when we bring the mail in , “Here the mail. It never fails to make me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to yell, maaaiiillll!” That was from Blue’s Clues many years ago. Yet, it is how we feel. My four daughters all have penpals that they can not wait to hear from. We to love getting our books in the mail from Paperback Swap as well! My husband, daughters, and I love the magazines that we get; maybe new recipe or craft idea. We pour over catalogs making mental wishlists. It is something that brings joy to our lives everyday. I can do without many things, but my mail is not one that I care to lose.

  2. marcia says:

    Unfortunately, our leaders think everyone has internet. I know many people who don’t even own a computer. Without the mail, they wouldn not even receive their bills or be able to pay them. I don’t think our credit card companies what the Post Office to close. I do NOT pay any bills on line, order items on line, or get the paper or magazines on line, nor do I want to. I like being able to carry a book with me to read while waiting. Have they looked at the effect closing the post office will have on our country. I know the impact we had in Minnesota when they closed all the state offices for 21 days. Stupid move.

  3. Dorothea says:

    Mail has always been a highlight in my day, from my earliest memories. We lived overseas when I was a young child, so we were so excited for letters and care packages from family at home. I always have had pen pals and enjoyed letter writing for my whole life.An email or face book blurb is just not the same! Even now as an adult, I still look forward to the mail every day and have no desire to go to a “paperless society”. I like holding a magazine or book in my hands, and doing all of my financial business online makes me nervous.
    On another note, if they were to shut down the PO–or even drastically laying employees off, thousands and thousands of people would be suddenly unemployed, including my husband. With the unemployment rates already at record highs, what would happen to all of them and their families?? Thank you, Mary, for bringing up this important issue. I’m glad that there are still those who value the Postal Service.

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