God Makes Lemonade Giveaway

This box arrived on my doorstep an hour ago~ the author copies of “God Makes Lemonade: True Stories that Sweeten & Inspire,” created by Don Jacobson, former president and owner of Multnomah Publishers, where he oversaw the production of more than 1000 titles and the sale of more than 100 million books. He and his wife Brenda have begun this series of books that are designed to encourage readers, with true stories of real hope and encouragement.  My story, “Courting Through Cancer,” is the first one in the book.  I will be giving away TWO copies of this anthology in a random drawing on Sunday, August 28th.  To make this drawing even “sweeter” I will add a $10 Walmart gift card to one of the mailers so you have a chance to win both a book AND a $10 gift card. To enter the drawing, just make a comment underneath this posting.  To be entered again, share this link on facebook and leave a comment that you have shared this blog posting.  I will announce the winners on Sunday.  Good luck!

31 thoughts on “God Makes Lemonade Giveaway

  1. Susan A. Smith says:

    Mary, I can’t help but believe that this book will be an inspirational piece for everyone who reads it. Congratulations on this literary accomplishment!


  2. teresa griesse says:

    I have always enjoyed reading your musings. I wish that you lived close by, I could really use a friend right now and I believe that you would make a good one.

  3. Joan Kramer says:

    Of course, I would love to win one of these copies, but am hoping that even if I don’t win- I would be able to borrow a copy just long enough to read your story, Mary,
    Joan Kramer

  4. Denise says:

    Sounds like a sweet deal, Mary, and whether or not I win, I want to read your story out of the book…I am so excited for you!!!!!

  5. Jacki says:

    YEAH!!! I love contests like this! It’s a win win situation…..a great read, a gift card AND knowing YOUR story is FIRST!!! Congratulations to you on your writing success! You deserve only the best. jacki

  6. Sally D says:

    So glad to see this and hope to someday read the book. This is so exciting and couldn’t happen to a nicer person! I will gladly put this link on my facebook.

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