Forget the Diamonds, Forget the Furs, Give Me Coupons Any Day

My young friend Lydia, a homeschool graduate who has been working on reading with my Abby this summer, gave me a bag last Wednesday. “Just some extra coupons someone had given us,” she mentioned casually. “These are some we couldn’t use.”  I thanked her and took the bag, thinking nothing more about it.  It was the next day before I had time to look in the bag.

What a mother lode of gold inside!  There were many sets of coupons neatly cut and a dozen or more inserts.  My hands shook slightly and my breathing became shallow as I sifted through them.  Did this young girl have any idea of what she had bestowed upon me? Kraft 75-cents off Snackwell bars; the bars my husband David and grandson Jacob eat as snacks because of the high protein content.  $3 off Weight Watchers meals: I eat these when I work at my sister’s consignment store.  Buy one, get one free Dove products: I knew a catalina offer was coming up soon at Walgreens for these products.

I spent a couple of hours organizing my coupon binder, thanks to the generousity of this young woman and her mother, then headed to Cedar Rapids for what I hoped would be a profitable shopping experience.  My binder was thick and heavy with the bounty.  Walgreens would be our first stop after some browsing at the Salvation Army where school clothing was on sale for 59-cents a piece.  A few shirts and two vintage books later, Abby decided she needed to go to the bathroom and only the one at HalfPrice Books would do so we changed course and visited there first, then the Mall where I had a return to make.  A couple hours later,  I finally stepped through the door of Walgreens and was greeted by this sign: “We are sorry but our cash registers are experiencing difficulty and we are unable to take coupons or give out catalina coupons at this time.” I was informed the computers had gone down half an hour earlier and it would be hours before the problem was taken care of.  So much for that well-organized and stuffed coupon binder.

Oh, well, if there is one thing I have learned in my 32 years of using coupons: There is always another deal around the corner.

This is the week of the Walgreens/Dove deal.

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