Search Me, Search Me!

Every once in awhile I look to see how exactly a new reader ends up on my blog.  These are the search terms that landed people here this last week. Hmmm, do you think they meant “HARRY POTTER” Secret Chambers?:

garage sale hints 5
s & h green stamps demise 2
university of northern iowa campus 2
yard sale hints 2
old coupons 2
cd holders to organize coupons 2
hallmark coupons 2
coupon box 1
garage sale pricing tank tops 1
is there any value to old grocery store trading stamps? 1
selling your stockpile at a garage sale 1
i cant find coupon inserts in the recycle bins anymore 1
yard sale preparation 1
“mary potter” secret chambers 1
mary proctor trading stamps 1
who double coupons in iowa 1
when does stockpiling become hoarding? 1 1
pile of socks dirty 1
garage sale price purse 1
angel of god, my guardian 1
mary potter kenyon blog 1
average garage sale prices 1
describe selfless love 1
how to order large amounts of coupon inserts 1
coupon misredemption 1
book bag coupons 1
itss only a day away song 1
inside panera table 1
it’s only a day away lyric 1
how to price purse for garage sale 1
mary’s hallmark coupons 1
purse garage sale pricing 1
50 cents or a dollar for a barbie at a yard sale 1
1933 sun rubber co squeaky lamb toy value 1
garage sale

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