It is 5:15 a.m. on a rainy, dreary day in Iowa this morning, and I’m…excited!

In an hour, after a couple of cups of coffee and getting dressed, I’ll be on the road to my first-ever writer’s conference in Cedar Falls, the town where I met and married my husband, had a few babies, and graduated from college. I’ll be attending workshops all day today and staying overnight at my brother Lyle’s house just a couple of blocks from the conference, then attending workshops all day tomorrow.  In between workshops I hope to get in some writing time.  I’ll be home all day Friday when the workshop focuses on fiction and head back on Saturday morning, this time with a husband in tow who will spend the afternoon with me at our old stomping grounds, perhaps walking the campus or the downtown area, and maybe getting a little coupon shopping in.

And, other than giving birth to babies and having surgeries (and of course, the week my mother died), I haven’t been away from my family overnight before.

Let’s hope this is a little less painful for you,” my brother joked on the phone when I told him that.

My son Dan loaded a memory card in my camera, offered the use of his GPS for the trip, and then… forgot to hug me.  Darn, we both forgot the time-honored code of hugging each other before a trip.  I got hugs from the grandkids yesterday after they were at my house for an hour, hugs from the teens last night and a very tight hug from the youngest two, and this morning a bear hug from my husband.  But, darn if I didn’t neglect to hug both Dan and Beth.

Consider yourself hugged, Daniel and Elizabeth.

Mom’s gone AWOL for a day or two.

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