Stupid, Stupid Coupon Binder (aka Reinvention Part II)

It seems like an easy enough transformation, from box to binder, right?

Then why am I sighing loudly in exasperation and frustration?

I had the businesslike binder.  Bought binder dividers and plastic sleeves to organize the coupons into.

Then I got started.

It wasn’t long before I was cramming coupons into those little pockets.  Then folding them.  Who wants folded coupons? I can’t even see the expiration dates on them when they are folded!

And what do I do with this huge stack of coupons that had been stuck in the front of my coupon box, the ones that hadn’t been filed yet? I usually sit and file in the car while David drives to Dubuque or Cedar Rapids.  Where do I put those unfiled coupons in a binder? I sat and grumbled my way through two hours of filing, and I still have a pile of coupons to cut, and half a box to organize.  I’m supposed to go shopping today to use those three $10 catalina coupons at Walgreens. I’ve gone too far to back out and put everything back in my box, but I’m not organized enough to shop with the binder yet.  Does that mean I have to waste a good three hours organizing while my children are in Vacation Bible School this morning? A morning I was going to spend writing?  And, gee whiz, don’t they make plastic dividers so the paper doesn’t rip with me flipping pages back and forth? Or plastic holders with bigger pockets?

They do indeed.

I just put in an order on eBay, raising my cost of this %#@* coupon binder to well over $20 now and making me wonder if the final product will be worth it. And it all started innocently enough, when I spotted the nice black binder case at a thrift store… Just like the time I bought a sign for my wall and then had to paint and redecorate around it.

Will I like the binder when (if) I ever get it completed?  Will it be worth it?

I’ll let you know in Part III of our installment on the transformation of Coupon Queen Mary.


3 thoughts on “Stupid, Stupid Coupon Binder (aka Reinvention Part II)

  1. Fawn says:

    I use a combination of the binder and the filing box. When new inserts come out, I clip the ones I’m most likely to use. I have a zippered pocket in my binder (the kind that has 3 holes in it for a binder) to put the unfiled coupons in. So they usually go in there and then I file them into the binder when I get a chance. The inserts then go into the file box in case I need them for some unforeseen deal.
    Yes, some coupons do not fit nicely into the pockets, but I’ve found i can fold most of them so that I can see the exp date by just flipping the page over.

  2. Amber @ Couponing in Iowa says:

    I’m with the others — I think I spent about $50 on mine too altogether — but I have a double binder — one set of rings for grocery things and another set for all the other stuff! And I have one of those zippered pencil pouches to hold all my unorganized coupons too. It’s great once you get things organized, and you quickly learn how to fold your coupons in there so that you can still see the expiration dates. I also bought some sleeve protectors that open onto the sides and put a piece of cardstock in them. Then I take my printable coupons and just slice once down the page and slide them into the sleeve protectors. You can kind of see what I’m talking about in this picture on the left side: I missed my box at first, but now that I have a system down, I don’t know how I ever successfully shopped with the binder!

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