Another Blast From the Past!

Look closely at this little lamb.  Look familiar?  If you grew up in the same house with me, it does look familiar because this lamb is almost identical to the one I carried around with me everywhere when I was four years old.

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

Only this isn’t the lamb from my childhood.  My granddaughter Becca recognized the lamb at a garage sale yesterday.

“Look, Grandma’s ugly little lamb,” I believe she said to her mother.  (because she has often told me how ugly and pathetic my childhood toy was)

My daughter snatched it up and gave it to me later.

It is surprising how something so simple can bring someone such pleasure.  I was thrilled to have a working model of my favorite childhood toy.  You see, my brother Lyle had “operated” on my lamb many years ago, cutting the end of the ear off and dismantling the squeaker.  This lamb still has the squeaking mechanism.  Now the two lambs will sit side by side on my shelf, keeping each other company and reminding me of a childhood long past.


One thought on “Another Blast From the Past!

  1. Pat says:

    I would have bought the little lamb also; a reminder of what it could look like! I had found a “Joey” doll like the one my son had when he was little and I still have it. His went by the wayside some time ago; just reminds me of him when I see it; the younger years!

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