A Book Bonanza

It isn’t like I don’t have enough books to read…

This shelf holds my “to read” books, with most of the second shelf, all of the third shelf, and part of the fourth shelf down including books that I haven’t yet read.

But once a year the newspaper in Dubuque holds a huge book sale where donated books are sold by the bag full. The first year they had it, the sale was outside and the bags went for $5. Now it is inside a large building and the bags have risen to $12. I bring my own canvas bags and they hold quite a bit, depending upon the size of the bags. I counted 32 books in one bag I brought home yesterday. I am drawn especially to the oversized trade paperbacks. I quickly scanned the children’s books first, but there was very little this year that screamed, “Pick me, pick me.” I bought only a single bag from the children’s room. I did get a special thrill at finding the two Big Little Books, the first time I’ve ever seen any of those at a book sale.

I so rarely sell on eBay anymore but those two books and the paperback set of Frank Baum Oz books will be put up for sale (to pay for my other books, of course!) this week.  I filled four bags with books; some for re-selling at my sister’s shop or my garage sale, others slated for cash at HalfPrice Books, and some to add to my own bookshelf for summer reading.  I am already looking forward to the kids spending time at the pool so I can sit poolside and read. I finished 2 or 3 books a week that way last summer and never felt a speck of guilt, since I needed to be there to keep an eye on Abby. She is taking private swimming lessons this summer so I suppose at some point I will feel confident enough to just drop the girls off at the pool, but until she knows how to swim I feel the need to be there.

 After the sale Emily and I used a buy one, get one free coupon for breakfast at Hy-Vee, shared with my sis-in-law Julie and her mother.  I picked up my first raspberries of the year there as well, priced at an astounding $2 a package, when they are $2.99-$4.99 everywhere else. I enjoyed them for my breakfast this morning. This store also had the Lunchables with Fruit marked down to $1 a package, which means they would be free with my $1 coupons but I don’t have room in my refrigerator since I already have 13 packages in there from a different Hy-Vee.  I would consider freezing them but my kids don’t like to eat cheese after it has been frozen.  They can always tell.  After a productive trip to Target (swimsuit for Emily, two pairs of clearance-priced Mossimo jeans for me, used the Target $3 off Mossimo apparel coupons and got the jeans for a whopping $3.48) we stopped at McDonald’s for our free Strawberry Lemonade with the coupons that were in the Parade magazine a couple of weeks ago. 

A trunk full of books, some cheap jeans, and a free lemonade, and we still got home before noon.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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