Unusual 25-Cent Finds

I promised pictures of my unusual finds at the thrift store sale yesterday. Besides a brand new Speedo tankini set for my daughter (no bikini allowed in this house) and the $1 leather coat for me, I also found a pair of Victoria’s Secret pajamas, a leather vest, new Mossimo jeans, and these unusual outfits, among other things;

Something about the funky look appealed to me, even though they are not at all something I would wear. There were three of the black and white three-piece outfits, all different sizes. The little buttons sewn to the jacket are some kind of animal! I looked up the brand name on eBay, and sure enough, Magic Yak is a boutique quality similar to Quacker Factory.  The denim three-piece set has new tags (and a pricey $112 price tag attached). I picked up the Magic Yak outfits for a mere quarter each and the new outfit was $1, hardly a big investment for possible re-sale.

What about you? What are your favorite “finds” at garage sales and thrift stores?

One thought on “Unusual 25-Cent Finds

  1. laurie says:

    I spent more than you, unfortunately…lol…

    For $10 at one sale I bought: 6 vintage board games–a scrabble game to add to my tile collection for ebay, a vintage scrabble jr, 2 3M games, and Vegas Stakes and Masterpiece. A spanking new vintage thermos set. Paradise Lost by Milton from the 80’s–1880’s–amazing illustrations. 2 old 8mm film reels–excerpts from Born Free and cartoons. And the piece de resistance: a signed custard bird by Fenton–retired.

    The second sale was more of an impromptu estate sale–nice digger sale. Hull casserole in pink, 4 old fold up rulers, a vintage Dietz lantern, 2 really old pieces of pottery that will be brought to Antiques Roadshow if I get picked here in Mn. =) And a box of what turned out to be silver plate pieces that have some nice hallmarks.

    Some odds and ends at different sales, too…

    It was just nice to be out and about!

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