Garage Sale Finds

This week was city-wide garage sale week and I’ve spent the better part of two days hunting for good deals that I may or may not have needed, but still had fun finding.  It never ceases to amaze me the differences in garage sales in the same town.   One advertised 500 books that turned out to be cheap Harlequin romances over-priced at 50-cents each.  Inexplicably, among the romance paperbacks I discovered a Betsy-Tacy hardcover book by Maud Hart Lovelace, a children’s favorite I’d wanted for my shelves. (10-cents!) The stationery was another find amidst the junk; a set of Current stationery I remembered using in the 80’s and will enjoy writing letters with now.

Another garage sale had mint condition fantasy, mystery and science fiction priced at 50-cents for hardcovers and 25-cents for paperbacks.  When the seller saw me rooting through a big blue tub of books, she offered to sell them all to me for $7. There ended up being 40 books in that tote, ranging from new Stephen King hardcovers to two dozen teen fantasy books for my daughter Emily and several Christian books for me.

And of course I had to pick up inexpensive scrapbooking supplies for my imaginary hobby that I haven’t actually started yet. I can’t stop myself from picking up scrapbooking supplies when I see them because I am certain there is a scrapbooker inside of me, waiting to be discovered. 

Abby hit the mother-lode in Barbies, spending her garage sale and allowance income on a Barbie camper and several bags of Barbies. 

And, of course, crazed “deal-finder” that I am, I couldn’t just stop with the garage sales. My husband and I headed to a thrift store 25-cents sale that was slated to begin at 5:00 p.m.  When we entered the store we were told that all NEW and “special” items with red tags were going to be $1 and the other clothing 25-cents. I headed straight to a leather coat I’d been lusting after the last few times I’d been in there that they had priced at $49.95.  Now I have a nice dressy coat for next winter, and for only $1.00! We also bought a men’s Columbia coat for $1, and several new with tag items. I’ll take pictures tomorrow of some very interesting 3 and 4-piece outfits I found for only 25-cents.  We also found the above toy shelf for $9.99, great for organizing Abby’s toys.  When we brought it home, she immediatley put her “new” Barbies in it.

Some other things I found today: brand new garden edging  for David’s flower beds, several planters for his newfound hobby of  gardening (priced at a mere dime!), a carrying case that holds file folders so that I can carry all my files with me when I go somewhere to write, a vintage Loving Family dollhouse and family that I bought for re-sale but will let Katie and Abby play with for a month or two.

I think I had a little too much fun garage-saling.  It is going to take me a few days to get everything put away, and I’m too tired to do it before I go to sleep. I work for my sister Pat tomorrow at her consignment store but plan on stopping at a another sale beforehand that advertises 300 books. What do you think the odds are that they, too, are cheap romances?

2 thoughts on “Garage Sale Finds

  1. Jennifer Short says:

    There was a church sale last year that advertised “books galore” and “galore” ended up being two boxes of romances. I was very disappointed! (And I think they wanted 50 or 75 cents each for them. Not that I would have wanted them had they even been free, but definately overpriced!)

    I got the book I won from your giveaway. Thank you. I opened it, and the next thing I knew Mom was reading it! 🙂 LOL! Looking forward to reading it myself, too!

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