Many hands make light work~ Garage Sale, Day One

That is something my mother would have said; “Many hands make light work.”  Yesterday morning found my sisters Joan and Pat, my niece Marian, my daughters Elizabeth and Emily, and my dear husband carrying boxes, setting up tables, and filling my driveway and sidewalk with artful displays of both new, used, and collectible items for sale.

I started setting up at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday. We had our first customer at 8:00, before we were completely finished unloading all the boxes.   David put the signs up all over town at 8:30. The steady stream of customers kept coming. This, despite the fact that my sale was not advertised in the newspaper until Thursday.  As soon as I realized bad weather was headed in our direction and Wednesday was going to be beautiful so we should set up then, I advertised on a local yahoo garage sale list, Freecycle (we have many free items at this sale), Craigslist, and my sister Pat advertised at her store with signs and on her Facebook page. The local newspaper’s classified page was completely missing from the paper so no ad showed up in there anyway. (she has agreed to refund my payment of $20) Despite the lack of my usual advertising, there were customers the entire day, even at 7:00 p.m. when we were packing everything up to put away! My sister Joan and daughter Elizabeth stayed the entire day to help.

My mother’s boxes of material went fast. My health and beauty items flew off the shelves. Piles of books were brought up to the checkout table. I could have sold 20 more body washes, Ziplock bags, and tubes of toothpaste.

We pulled new products from the boxes underneath the tables throughout the day, until they, too, were empty.In fact, I’ve dug in my own stockpiles this morning to replenish the supply for today’s sale.

I sold an unprecedented $1000 on the first day of my sale. My mother sold $366.

And I don’t know how my mother did it, but if she could pull some strings up there, she did. The looming 60% chance of rain and storms forecast changed seemingly overnight to a slight chance of showers today.  I’ll be setting up the second day of our sale as the sun rises.

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