When the pricing is done (aka garage sale saga)

So, I finished the pricing this morning.

Everything is carefully labeled and stored in boxes and totes that are stacked in the foyer and my office.  There are over 35 containers of my own that I’ll have my two teens carry out on the morning of the sale. The porch and van are full of my mother’s things, and then my daughter will be bringing at least 9 boxes of things to sell.

So, what does one do when they’ve completed the pricing?

Go shopping, of course.

As a reward for all my hard work, my husband and I made a trip to Cedar Rapids late this afternoon, stopping first at a thrift store where books were 6 for $1.00.  They had a decent selection today and I picked up two boxes, mostly for re-sale. I can’t help it. I love books, especially cheap ones.

Speaking of books, I had to take a picture of my shelf of “to read” books.  Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time for reading so have had to start stacking books sideways on the shelves.

Our next stop today was a Super Target, where my intention was to use the $50 gift card I’d won and stretch it as far as possible. I like to challenge myself that way.

The highlights of the spree? 25 Olay bar soaps priced at $2.49 each, minus the 25 $2 coupons, the Uncle Ben’s rice pouches priced at $1.39, minus my $1 coupons (these sell for $1.89 each at Walmart, and over $2 each everywhere else, so $1.39 is a great price), Kashi fruit and nut bars priced at $2.99, and for each three you buy, you get one free.  I used a $1.50 coupon off the three and a $1 coupon on the free one. These were Target coupons and they all scanned.  The Annie’s granola bars were $1 off when you buy any Annie’s organic mac and cheese or canned pasta. The Vlasic relish is $1.19 and I used 55-cent coupons good on any Vlasic.  The Kandoo wipes are $1.49 and I had $1 coupons. The Colgate Total 3-packs were on clearance for $3.48 and I used my $1.50 coupons on those.  Some of these things are slated for the sale, others for our own stockpile.  I was getting down to my last two boxes of toothpaste. My total before coupons was almost $135.00, after coupons it was $58.55 so I only had to pay $8.55 after my gift card. I wanted to stay under the $5o card, and probably would have if I hadn’t had to purchase cold and allergy medicine for Abby and added gum at the checkout with my buy one, get one free Trident coupons.  David goes through a lot of gum since he doesn’t produce saliva and needed some for on the trip home.

For the first time in our three years of living here, I am facing a formidable foe in regards to my planned garage sale; the weather.  The sale is advertised for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and it sounds like rain (and possibly even snow showers!) for each of those three days.  My sale is basically a yard sale, with everything set up along the driveway. I’ve tried it on our porch during rain, and that didn’t work at all.  Wednesday, on the other hand, sounds beautiful.  I am going to try something unprecedented: setting up a sale on an unadvertised day.  I posted a Craigslist ad, a yahoo garage sale ad and even a freecycle ad for a Wednesday sale and I’ll make extra garage sale signs for my husband to post when we are set up on Wednesday.  Wish me luck with this experiment.  If the weather holds, I’ll be setting up on Thursday too. Otherwise I’ll run an abbreviated ad for next Thursday and Friday.

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