Garage Sale, More Pricing

I promised a photographic journey through one of my garage sales.  Here is what my upstairs hallway looks like now.  My garage sale stash is normally hidden away on my attic steps but I’ve been pulling things out to price and organize and thus, the spillage begins.

Like I said before, it helps to have a supportive spouse. 

These boxes and bins will be moved downstairs as the big day approaches.  I am trying to organize as I go along. I fill bins with make-up and smaller items for display.

The clothing alone takes quite a bit of preparation.  Most of the clothing I have to sell is from a thrift store that STAPLES the price tags onto the clothing.  I hate this. They do try to staple in an area that doesn’t ruin the clothing but despite their best intentions, the staples do their damage on occasion.  For instance, on the day I scored seven BKE tank tops, three ended up back in donation due to the small holes in them from the staples.  I use a thin knife to loosen the back of the staples and then I wash everything.  Yes, everything, unless it is a dry clean only item.  Please note that I do not pay the price listed on these items.  Ever. Unless it is for my own family’s use.  Instead, I pick these items up during the 6 for $1 sale, or the 49-cents an item sale if I know I can get at least $1.50 profit.

After everything is washed, I attach my own prices with string tags and pins.  My daughter hates string tags. I love them.  I DON’T remove them upon purchase. I just add up the prices and write it down. Then I don’t have to mess with pins and tags from my clothing items.  You can see a loose dryer sheet near these tops.  Even after washing and putting on hangers, these items can get wrinkled and lose that just-washed look.  By adding strong-smelling dryer sheets between layers of clothes I ensure that they at least have that freshly washed smell.  I recommend Gain dryer sheets for this purpose~ they have such a strong fragrance.

Thankfully, I am about done with pricing clothing and have started in on the new health and beauty items, which the kids can help with.

Besides pricing in the next few days, I’ll need to make large colorful signs to put out on the morning of the garage sale.  I make signs for each of the main streets, giving our address, and then smaller signs for the end of our street, usually just a large arrow pointing in the right direction.  I am running ads in the local newspaper and the free shopping news (the paper is free, not the ad!) I always run ads. The cost is well worth it and will bring customers from out of town. My advice as a seasoned garage-saler is to always run an ad. There are customers who always purchase $50-$100 at my sales who keep an eye on the newspaper just for the heads-up that I am holding one.

Stay tuned for continued coverage in the saga of a garage sale…

One thought on “Garage Sale, More Pricing

  1. Sharon says:

    I do things a little differently than you. I price everything before it is put away. I do not sell any clothes. It is not worth the effort because 90% of the people who come to my sale are not interested in used clothes. I don’t have much luck with books either so I only put a few out. People here are readers and only interested in the latest ones. About 80% of what I sell is stockpiled stuff. I used to place ads but they got way too expensive so I don’t anymore. Just put up lots of signs in our sub and on the main roads leading to us. I have just as much business as I did when I ran ads. I do anywhere between 3 and 6 sales per year but only one of these is at my house and it is usually the last week of Sept. The other ones are at various places. My first one is always Memorial Day Weekend at my sister’s vacation home. I seem to learn something new every year no matter how long I have done this. Anything to help make the process easier is always a huge help. We all do what is best for us. Good luck with your sale and I’m looking forward to the future posts.

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