A Day with David

I had my camera in my purse yesterday so decided to take pictures of what a typical date day involves for my husband David and I. It was his birthday and he had an appointment in Dubuque so we decided to combine business with pleasure, so to speak.

While we intended on leaving town early, a stop to pick up some books that someone advertised on freecycle delayed us a bit. The books were well worth the delay as several were beautiful gardening books that David was thrilled with. What a nice birthday gift; free books!

With the back seat full of books, we headed to Dubuque and a lunch date with the couple we’d met almost five years ago, Lois and Ron. Ron had just begun treatment for the same kind of cancer when David was mid-way through his own treatment. They have been a wonderful support for us and have become good friends. Using a gift card from our daughter Rachel, we only had to spend $3 out of our own pocket for our delicious meal at Bishop’s Buffet.  After lunch, there was the appointment, which lasted a good hour. Then we hit the Goodwill store, where I dropped off three bags of donation items and found a few more books:

Can you tell we really like books?

Our next stop was a Hallmark store that is having a going-out-of-business sale.  It is hard for me to resist stationery and cards. However, the 60% discount wasn’t steep enough for us.  We’ll check it out again when it is at least 75% off.

Our last stop of the day was the Hy-Vee grocery store, where we each did a seperate transaction so we could use two of the Facebook Free Easter candy coupons.  Since they were out of the roast beef they’d offered a Facebook coupon for, they substituted a $5.99/lb. ham for the same price. I got two pounds of sliced deli ham for $2.29 after the coupon. I also bought single-roll Seventh Generation toilet paper with my $1 coupons and Ragu spaghetti sauce that was on sale. With two coupons good for free pasta when you buy two jars, I got two boxes of pasta free.  I love the surprise good deals I sometimes find at this particular store. Once it was Kraft cheese sticks on sale for $1 a pack and I had $1 coupons. Another time it was Ziplock bags priced at $1 each with a $2 catalina coupon when you bought three boxes.  With coupons, I was paid to take the Ziplock out of the store. Not surprisingly, my April garage sale will include a good selection of Ziplock bags.

Normally, we would have hit a Walgreen’s store for good deals but it was close to 5:00 by this time and there wasn’t any deal so enticing this week that we wanted to backtrack and go to Walgreens, so after our Hy-Vee trip, we headed home, content.

Realizing at the end of the day it was really about who we were with, and not necessarily about the good deals.

Though the free gardening books, delicious cup of coffee from Hy-Vee, and birthday cards in the mail were pretty nice too.

3 thoughts on “A Day with David

  1. Debbie says:

    I so enjoy reading your posts ! 🙂 When is your garage sale this spring? I LOVE,LOVE LOVE books! Have a great day !

  2. Mary Potter Kenyon says:

    Planning a garage sale paired with an estate sale of my mother’s things on April 14th, 15th and 16th. It is going to be HUGE!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Loved your day Mary. My yard sale is April 23rd.. Good luck at yours and let us know how you did, WITH PICTURES! Love your pictures, good luck with the weather too!


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