A Miracle for Joe

If you remember, I recently wrote about a friend of my mother’s, an older gentleman who’d found out on February 7th that his cancer from last year had returned. 


I wrote him a letter then, giving him my phone number. I’ve been praying for him ever since, and wondering if he has any children or support system. He called me tonight to tell me that he saw a cancer doctor this week in Iowa City and they did a CT scan. The cancer doctor informed him that there is no longer any evidence of cancer!  The doctor had no explanation.  Joe also told me that he had never been married and has no children, so I am especially glad for him. How difficult the cancer journey would be without that support system! Joe asked about Jacob and said he has been praying for him daily. I asked that he pray that Jacob’s scan in three weeks shows what his own did: an absence of cancer!

Praise the Lord!

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