The Essence of a Writer in 300 words or less…

In 300 words or less, describe how writing encompasses your life.  This was for a “writing calendar” which sadly did not come to fruition in time for a 2011 publication. This was my submission, coming in at 296 words. If you recognize yourself in this, maybe you, too, are a writer, and you just don’t know it yet;

“You’re awfully quiet,” I was startled out of my reverie by my husband. “She’ll be okay.”

            We were on our way to the emergency room with six-year-old Abby, her ankle badly swollen.

            David had mistaken my silence for concern. I was too embarrassed to correct him. Only another writer could understand. As soon as we were in the car I’d gone inside my head, narrating my own life.

            Driving down the highway, Mary caught a glimpse of her reflection in the car window, noting the dark circles under her eyes.

As a child, a world inside my head had come in handy on the long walk to school and in the classroom when I was bored by lectures. Besides narrating my life’s script, I made up elaborate scenarios and characters I used for English assignments. This continued into college where at least one term paper was peppered with poetry. Then as a mother raising eight children, writing as a creative outlet became a way to save my sanity.

            Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband and children, living with a wife and mother whose mind is so often elsewhere.  Bad enough I am an avid reader pulled away by a good book, but they have to deal with an unseen competitor for their time, my muse.         

“Yes, I know she’ll be fine,” I said, turning to smile reassuringly at Abby.

            Her head swiveled slowly from the window and I saw the clouded eyes that gradually cleared with the recognition that Mom was talking to her. She smiled slightly.

            A future writer, perhaps?


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