Thanksgiving~ in February

There are those times when a simple “thank you” doesn’t seem to suffice.

Like when a benefit soup supper and auction is planned by the co-workers of my son-in-law, Ben, and the countless behind-the-scene hours of planning and implementation are not even possible to assess. I’ve been told that the cooks who made the delicious meal were the same cooks who came up with the brilliant idea of a benefit in the first place.  Thank you to those wonderful and talented cooks.

Then there is the boyfriend of one of the cooks who went from business to business soliciting funds and posting flyers and who was the one responsible for two businesses matching funds up to $500 each.

How about the secretary who spent hours with the thankless tasks of organizing ads, collecting donations and making up bid sheets?

Or the businesses that donated gift certificates or merchandise for the silent auction?

And the countless co-workers, friends, family members and strangers who did the same.

And then there were the volunteers who set up tables, swept floors, served meals, manned the bidding sign-up, and even bussed tables, including children who knew Jacob. 

I haven’t even mentioned the high bids and generous free-will donations. For small-town Iowa, the response was both amazing and awe-inspiring.  The amount of money collected from the benefit means that Elizabeth and Ben will not need to worry about financial matters during the remainder of Jacob’s treatment. That one huge potential stressor is removed.

Thanks to all these people; co-workers, friends, family, and total strangers, they can concentrate instead on caring for their little boy and his two siblings.

They will never forget what these people did for them, nor will they ever be able to thank them enough for all their help.  Nor will I.

We can simply pass it on, as the mother of a little girl in a nearby town did when she volunteered at Jacob’s benefit.  Her own daughter’s recent benefit meant so much to their family that she wanted to help someone else, to “pay it forward,” she said.

Thanks to the kindness and generousity of others, Elizabeth and Ben can breath a huge sigh of relief and concentrate on Jacob and their family.  Yesterday morning David and I dropped off Elizabeth and Jacob at the University of Iowa hospitals for his four-day chemotherapy treatment and the first CT scan he would have since beginning treatment. Ben took off work to care for their two other children. While they are grateful, indeed, for the money brought in from the benefit, the gas cards that get them to and from the hospital and the food that fills their freezers, there is news ths morning that surpasses all those blessings.

The doctor has informed Elizabeth that the CT scan results reveal that the lung lesions have virtually disappeared.

The chemotherapy treatments are working.

And thank you, Lord doesn’t even begin to describe the elation we are feeling.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving~ in February

  1. Debbie G says:

    The Lord always listens doesn’t He? ——–Sooooooooooooooooooo happy that it was a HUGE success! Love and prayers to all of you!

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