Did I hear somebody say GARAGE SALE?

Its that time of year again, when the long winter days have me hibernating indoors, sorting through things. This morning I tackled the chore of moving boxes and bags from my upstairs hallway into the attic stairwell.  This is what that area looks like now:

I can fit a few more boxes or bags in here, but then I’ll have to start using the back porch for my garage sale stash.  I think our April garage sale is such a hit for two reasons: #1) By mid-April all the garage sale addicts are chomping at the bit to go to garage sales so they rush to mine, and #2) After a long winter, I have a large amount of merchandise to sell so the selection is varied.  

I am so ready for Spring and garage sale weather.

If I was smart, I’d start pricing now.

One thought on “Did I hear somebody say GARAGE SALE?

  1. Pat says:

    That is a thought, Mary. Take all the boxes out and as you price, you stash away !! But you would have to be able to contain them until priced. Like Pooh always says; “Think, think”. You have the time right now and could have fun with it. A thought to think….

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