When the Muse runs dry…

The writing life can be difficult sometimes.  We wait for acceptances, dread rejections, and get stuck in the middle of a chapter. Sometimes it takes something pretty big to massage our muse and jumpstart our writing.

Like a beautiful solid oak desk that we purchased at a garage sale.

Or our first check and article framed and hanging on the wall by that desk.

Or a special mug.

I spotted this mug in a picture my sister had posted on her consignment store business Facebook page. I saw it on a shelf in the photo and immediately and desperately desired it for myself.

That mug! That wonderful, cheery mug with a fun saying on it (“M is for Mom not Maid”) and those bold black stripes swirling down into the bottom of the cup, stripes that would awake my creative genius as I slurped my way through a writing session.

I HAD to have it. It was 9:00 at night when I saw the cup, and Pat’s store had been closed for hours. I almost called her on the phone right then and there to ask her to save it for me, but resisted. I decided that if it were meant for me, then it would still be there when I finally got to her store. 

Two days later it was still there, so obviously it was meant to be mine.

Whether it was going to bed early last night and getting up at 5:45 this morning, or cleaning off the table and warming up by writing a letter on some fine ivory linen stationery, or even the new Pilot pen I unearthed from a package in my desk, this morning’s writing session was very productive. I wrote a letter, worked on Chapter 12, finished editing an essay, then returned to Chapter 12 again, easily writing past that rough patch in the middle of it.

Maybe it was just the new mug filled with dark robust coffee and rich Half & Half.

“M” is also for MUSE. 


One thought on “When the Muse runs dry…

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow Mary-
    I had to laugh when I read this. I have had a plaque that reads “M is for Mother not for Maid” hanging on my kitchen wall for years.. it’s the truth isn’t it? I really hung it there when my children turned into “teenagers”.. Funny, wish I could have found a cup like that when they were younger!! Made my day and its’ early (got up at 5 AM.. )


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