We have a winner!!!

One person came within seven cents of my total from the Hy-Vee shopping trip. Denise wins the $10 Walmart gift card with her guess of $10.00. I actually paid $10.07  for $68.57 in groceries. This shopping trip was done without the benefit of double coupons but did include two $3 catalina coupons from last week.  Eveything except the candy had a coupon associated with the purchase. The Kashi cereal was on sale for $3.29 and I had a $3 coupon from Vocalpoint. The olive oil was on sale and had a $1 coupon attached to it. The Smucker’s preserves are expensive everywhere but I wanted to try it before my $1 coupons expired. The Ortega products were on sale for 3/$2 and I had $1.00 off coupons, which essentially means that I was paid $1  for every three of the Ortega products I took out of the store. (except the seasoning packets, which were only 50-cents coupons) I would have paid only $4 if I’d left the candy out of my cart since the 3-Musketeers mini’s were 99-cents each and the M&M guys were 50-cents. My mother-guilt at being gone all morning prompted the M&M purchase and we won’t say who I bought the 3-Musketeers for. Suffice it to say, that person did not eat them all since the children discovered the hidden stash that was supposed to have been doled out by her husband in increments of four mini candy bars per day.

 Congratulations, Denise! I will mail your gift card this week.

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