Jacob’s Progress

“He hasn’t peed yet, and they want to put the catheter back in,” my daughter Beth said on the phone last night. “Please pray that he goes.”

So my prayer last night was that a little boy would pee.

Emily and I slept very well at the Ronald McDonald House last night, thanks to the fan my friend Mary loaned me and an exhaustion that rivaled the one I’d experienced during the vigil around my mother’s bed in November. But my first thought upon awakening this morning was of Jacob.  Had he urinated?  I was scared to call and find out. I washed my hair, changed clothes and stumbled down to the kitchen area where a pot of coffee already waited. I wrote a note to Santa’s elves to inform them of who would be staying in Room 223 on Christmas Eve, then set it on the manager’s desk with a check. What fun it will be for Rebecca and Joseph to have Santa Claus knocking on their room door on Christmas Eve and to have him already know their names!  Back to the kitchen, and another cup of coffee.  The counters were filled with pastries and a huge variety of delicacies. I made a mental note to suggest people donate a healthier version of breakfast food; loaves of multi-grain breads and fruit.  But then, it is the holidays and the generous people who donate here likely give more sweets this time of year.

When I finally gathered up my courage to call Beth I was relieved to discover our Jacob had avoided the reinserting of the catheter after all, and I thanked God right then for small miracles.

Last night Jacob was moved from the Pediatric ICU to Room 47 of 3JCW at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City. My daughter Beth will stay there with him. Emily and I will be going home today, either with Jacob’s daddy Ben or my son Dan. I’ll be coming with Ben on the Jacob is released to clean the Ronald McDonald room. Jacob’s Grandpa David will visit him on Christmas. Sometime this week Ben and Beth will learn more about the histology of the tumor that invaded Jacob’s body; and what kind of chemotherapy he will receive, along with where the radiation treatment will be targeted. 

This little boy has a long, hard road ahead of him.

But praise the Lord, last night he peed.

6 thoughts on “Jacob’s Progress

  1. Adele Piasta says:

    Such good news. I am very happy to hear about each little milestone that he meets! Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Lisa says:

    Praying for little Jacob, Mary. I am thinking about everyone and praying many times a day for everyone involved, but especially Jacob.

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