Surgery today

We were blessed to get the Ronald McDonald room last night so Beth, Ben, Jacob and Jo-Jo stayed there while my 14-year-old Emily, Beth’s Becca and I stayed overnight at my good friend Mary’s house last night.  Her husband Jim was kind enough to drive us here this morning before 6:00.  Ben looked awful. I don’t think he slept at all last night. Jo-Jo was ready to play, and little Jacob lay sound asleep in the bed, looking like the angel he is.  He let us all hug him and kiss him before he left with his mommy and daddy.  As I hugged Ben and Beth good-bye I wondered how I could possible give them the strength they will need to face this. In the next instant I knew it would not be me who gave them strength, and I have been praying ever since.

The Ronald McDonald House is a blessing, with a playroom, a kitchen, and even this nice office area with shelves full of books and toys for children to play with.  Emily is reading to Becca and Jo-Jo is pushing trucks around on the rug at my feet.  I wore exercise pants and a tee shirt for my Grandma duty today. Keeping up with Jo-Jo is quite the workout.

I want to thank everyone who has helped us already, with prayers, cards and financial help. I will keep you all updated.  The plan is I will be coming home with Ben and the kids tomorrow and Ben will be going back throughout the week.  He will be spending Christmas Eve and probably Christmas with the kids here at the Ronald McDonald house.

2 thoughts on “Surgery today

  1. Lisa E says:

    PRAYERS for that sweet little boy. Wishing everyone God’s grace and a speedy recovery for Jacob. Blessings to everyone,

    Love your friend


  2. Erika says:

    I direct a bell choir at my church and yesterday we played (and the vocal choir accompanied) “Breath of Heaven.” I could barely make it through my director duties as I was overcome with emotion by the words of the chorus. My thoughts immediately jumped to you, Beth, Jacob, and Ben. We are praying, ever so hard, for you all.

    Breath of heaven
    Hold me together
    Be forever near me
    Breath of heaven

    Breath of heaven
    Light in my darkness
    Pour over me your holiness
    For you are holy

    Breath of heaven

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