Perfect Gifts, a Year Later

It was about this time last year that I was commenting on the perfect gift, and how rare it is.  There are good gifts, nice gifts, and perfectly fine gifts. Those are the standard, but occasionally we hit upon the perfect gift for someone close to us.

My husband David often comments that he misses out on my blog postings because he doesn’t use the computer.  I can post anything I want on Facebook or my blog and he’ll never know unless someone tells him. There have been times when he has actually felt left out of a conversation because of this.  I imagine it was the same for my mother, when our family mentioned things that were posted on our MyFamily website page.  One time when she visited me, she asked to see what it looked like, this page that she so often heard mentioned.  Occasionally, when we were avidly discussing a subject of interest to her, one of us would print out the page to share with her.  I did the same in recent years with my blog. After her death, I found all of those pages filed in a binder.  She’d kept every single page we’d copied!  Not only that, but I discovered she’d saved every single one of my articles that I had sent her.  It made me wish I had done something like this:

This is one of those “perfect” gifts for my husband David.  A couple of months ago Groupon offered a drastically reduced offer for the Blog2Print website, where a person can make either a hardcover or a softcover book out of their blog.  My coupon was for a hardcover version, and I chose color pictures, but I could have saved money by not including pictures at all, or choosing black and white. I’m not real impressed by the quality of the cover picture, but the inside pages are very impressive.  It took me three hours to choose the postings that would be included and even then, for some reason I couldn’t delete the very firstblog posting, no matter how many times I tried. I finally gave up, so the finished product isn’t exactly what I would have chosen, but perhaps it makes sense in the end that the very first page opens up with one of my blog postings about coupons. After all, the majority of our time spent together involves coupons in one way or another. I am very pleased with the end result, despite that one posting I couldn’t get rid of.

Now, David can sit and read the highlights of my blog from the last two years.  I know he will really enjoy this, and I love knowing that once again, I was fortunate enough to discover the perfect gift for someone I love.

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