Triple fun

David and I were waiting out front of the Pamida store yesterday morning, anticipating a crowd.  There was no crowd, but there were certainly more customers than the weekend before and I ran into the young woman who had just lost her job so I shared more coupons with her and told her that I’d heard Pamida stores would be doing this every Sunday and Monday during November.

I’d ordered some coupons in anticipation of this sale so did even better than last weekend.  The ad stated only 3 like coupons per trip so David and I each put three of the free items in our respective carts.  Items that were free were: Crest Pro-Health, Glade, Pringles whole grain, Covergirl sponges, Suave deodorant (only had one coupon) Colgate children’s toothpaste and Trident gum.  We paid 50-cents each for the Aussie and Herbal Essence hair care items.  We checked out at 10:15 and went to Mass there in Dyersville. Our total on the first trip? We paid $32.74 for over $180 worth of merchandise.

 After Mass, we went back for more Trident, Aussie, Febreeze Noticeables and X-tra detergent.  The detergent was free after triple coupons. Second trip total was $21.19 for $93 worth of merchandise.

I could really get used to this kind of fun.

One thought on “Triple fun

  1. Lisa says:

    GREAT SHOPPING MARY! Isn’t it great to fill your pantry with free or for pennies? I love it. Although we haven’t had triples for a few years, doubles is still in most stores here. Thanks for sharing!


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