Unprecedented in Iowa

Triple coupons are unheard of in Iowa.  Even double coupon opportunities are a rarity. 

However, Pamida stores will be tripling up to $1 coupons again this coming Sunday and Monday.  I’ve been playing “catch-up” around here but will be clipping and sorting again in the next two days so that my husband and I can trek on over to Dyersville again this Sunday.  Now, Pamida is pricey, and even with doubling a $1 coupon, sometimes the price is still higher than Walmart or our Fareway grocery stores, but there are still some good deals to be had.  The selection of products is extremely limited as well, but I think we can still do some major damage with our coupons.

One thought on “Unprecedented in Iowa

  1. Lisa says:

    Did you get to do triples yet? If not I hope you find many free things to let us know about. I haven’t had triples in 2 years almost, all 4 of the stores that did it around me are closed. They still do have some open but the closest ones to me are gone. I still keep an eye out for them to do it again, but after all this time, I doubt it. But I keep my fingers crossed, I will drive the “extra” if they happen to do it again. But as always I do so well at “doubles” here, and my “Rite aid” I really don’t miss it if you can believe it. I have a room my girls call the “diaper” room, that I have gotten bags and boxes of Pampers and Huggies for pennies. That is my favorite thing to get now, with 3 grandbabies under a year old. They won’t be wasted..LOL
    Can’t wait to here how you do. Check your email I emailed you too..


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