$5 Hallmark coupons

Check the December issues of your women’s magazines for an advertisement insert with these coupons attached.  They had them last year, too, and my husband and children went shopping with them for Christmas gifts for me.  Smart girls, my two young daughters headed to the clearance section and used their coupon on a $15-$18 item that had been marked down to $7. Hubby did even better, finding something that had been marked down to $5, netting a totally free, and lovely gift for his wife.  I used several of the coupons myself. My favorite buy was a Marjolein Bastin bird notepad that I gave to my mother. She loved birds. This year’s shopping will be bittersweet as I am sure to spot several items I would have loved to get for my mother. Luckily, I have daughters and sisters who have some of my mother in them.

I’ve found this coupon in Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart Living, but I’m guessing they will be found in other December magazines as well. Make sure you check your magazines, and if you aren’t using the coupon, you could always share it with me. 

My kids have shopping to do.

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