No one told us

No one told us that one day our mother would be walking and talking, hugging her favorite nurse and doctor and the very next day she might not be able to walk at all or barely speak.  Whether it is the radiation to her brain or a tumor growing, this morning my sister called me to tell me our mother was not doing well.  I worked all day, but I’m not sure what I did, as I kept calling to see if there was any improvement, and there is not.  This afternoon I visited and now we are going to need to be with our mother all the time. 

I wanted more time. 

She wanted more time.

Angie and I always talked about having a slumber party.  Tonight it will be with our dear mother.

I had no clue when I wrote about reading this morning that in the span of a few moments, a few words, my life would change.

I watched my little sister Angie, lean over and take Mom’s hand and ask her what she wanted.  I helped my mother stand to go to the commode which is now right next to her chair.  It took three of us to help her, and somehow my older sister, a nurse by profession, did it all by herself last night. Amidst my breaking heart, I watch my dear sisters care for my mother, and I am so proud of them.  I only hope I am good at this.  And I hope that dear smile of my mother’s continues.

I’m headed there now, because I miss her already.

5 thoughts on “No one told us

  1. Joan Kramer says:

    All I can say Mary, is that I love you and cherish you as I do our dear Mother and my brothers and sisters. What a sad time this is for all of us. And yet, last night Mom and I were sitting holding hands and we were able to talk to each other and enjoy our time together.

    • Pat says:

      Even though Mom is dying; and it is almost killing me to watch her light fade away twinkle by twinkle; I savor the smile; her sweet, sweet smile.

  2. Debbie G says:

    Mary, I thought I left a comment here last evening but it must not have gotten sent….. but I just want you and your family to know that my thoughts and prayers are with your mom and all of you, as you share this difficult time in your lives. God will help you thru as will the love of your friends and family. Please call if I can help or do anything for her. Love Debbie

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