If You Give a Mary a “LIVE” Sign

If you give a Mary a “LIVE” sign, she will look at it and think about both her husband’s 2006 cancer and her mother’s newly diagnosed cancer, and realize she wants to really enjoy living the rest of her life.  She will decide the family really needs each other this year at Thanksgiving.

Then she will realize she doesn’t want to entertain anyone in her home until she finds a different couch, so she will pray for a new couch.

She will find her new (used) couch and donate her old couch and chair to someone on freecycle.

But before she can hang her new sign, she needs a can of paint.

Her son gives her a can of paint and her children and husband will start painting while she is gone at work at her sister’s consignment store, where she finds a small black sheep she wants to put on the cabinet beneath the LIVE sign.  She will come home and finish the painting.

She will hang the sign and add the black sheep to her cabinet, only to realize the bears no longer look right there, and the other wall, now painted, needs something else.

She will take her two pictures to her sister’s consignment store to sell ($19.99 for the large Home Interiors, $9.99 for the Home Interiors sunflower picture, check out Treasure Alley on Facebook, or visit her store in Manchester for all your clothing and houseware needs- a shameless plug for my sister’s wonderful store) Then she will buy the sign that matched the LIVE sign; one that says DREAM.

While working at her sister’s shop she will also find a candleholder marked down to half-price ($3), a set of black curtains for her entryway ($5.99), and a new in package black rod for the curtains ($6.99).  When she comes home from work she will hang the DREAM sign, remove the old curtain rod and put up the new one, put up the new curtains, clean off the wood cabinet and add her new candle set and the family pictures, and step back and realize she likes what she sees.

But now she needs to find a place to put the bears her mother made that she moved from the cabinet.

Because they didn’t look right with the LIVE sign.

They would probably look good on the wicker shelf her sister gave her. 

Which is in her bedroom, waiting to be filled.

Only the wall behind it looks a little dingy.

She might need another can of paint.

If you are not familiar with the books by Laura Joffe Numeroff, they are some of our favorites, and they include “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” and “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.”

2 thoughts on “If You Give a Mary a “LIVE” Sign

  1. Pat says:

    I love your new entryway; it looks so, so beautiful!!!Oh, and thanks for the plug for Treasure Alley. To me Treasure Alley is more than a store; I came up with that name when I was thinking of people. In the alleys of life; there are many treasures; some (people) are cast away like garbage; but they have a lot to offer; and some are there to be found and given a new life. Look what Mary has done through her writing!!

  2. Dorothea says:

    Your home is looking so cute and cozy! I just love doing little projects like that. Right now I am also getting ready to paint. It’s amazing how much a new color on the walls can change a room. 🙂

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