No Deal

After the other day’s posting, I was still going strong around the house; continuing my cleaning and sorting, until I got to these boxes.

 I’m afraid I am not quite ready to deal with the most insurmountable task ever: the photos.

These boxes are full of photos, mostly those taken since 1996.  What happened in 1996/1997  that I got behind in my photo albums? 

That was the year I gave birth to my sixth child.

And ramped up my freelance writing.

 And helped my husband with a fledgling bookstore business.

Had knee surgery.

Kept up with a mailing list of books I sold to homeschoolers. 

Oh, yeah, and homeschooled my own.

I got behind and never caught up, and now, of course, the task seems overwhelming.  No, I take that back. It doesn’t seem overwhelming.  It IS overwhelming, and this is one task I am not going to complete in a two-hour marathon with Raymond.

These years of photos have to be sorted, organized, and put into photo albums (or if I was really energetic and feeling creative, scrapbooks) which entails hours, days, and even weeks of work.

Deal with this right now? 

While I’m working on a book?

 Enjoying the perfect Iowa weather? 

Helping someone deal with cancer?

Working some hours at my sister’s store?

No deal.

Maybe this winter.

One thought on “No Deal

  1. Joan Kramer says:

    Mary, when I was off after knee surgery a couple of years ago, I tackled my photos. I had boxes, and bags, and had given up! What with work, and life events, whatever-I just kept putting off doing anything with photos.
    What I did was gather them all together, and I had bought albums at garage sales, Goodwill, etc. So I did have places to put them. I decided not to scrapbook; mainly because I would have had to buy lots of supplies.
    What I did first was sort them into what year they were taken; luckily, most had a date stamp on the back from when they had been processed.
    Then I sorted each year into seasons, and that is how I put them into albums. It was a project I worked on over several weeks, and I worked on it at least once a week. I also organized the digital photos on my computer, and burned those photos onto CD’s.
    I’m hoping it will be easier now to keep up with the photos, although nowadays, most are digital.
    Good luck with this project; maybe it would be best to wait until colder weather. You should have more time then, and it will be a good way to get throught the cold winter nights.

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