There’s a definite advantage to working at my sister’s consignment store.  Spend six hours there, and you are bound to find something amazing that you didn’t even know you needed.

Like the “LIVE” sign above. 

You don’t need to tell a cancer survivor to “live.”  David already appreciates even the littlest things; the molasses cookies our daughter Beth bakes, the beautiful roses on our table from our other daughter Rachel, tomatoes fresh from our son Dan’s garden, a bowl of hot homemade soup~ everything looks and tastes better, especially when given with love.  And David enjoys all of it. He will be in the middle of a conversation and spontaneously reach over and grab my hand to tell me how beautiful I am. (chemo may have had some effect on his optical nerves)

No, I don’t need to remind David to live his life; he already does.  The sign is a reminder for me.

Now all I need to do is paint the entry way so I can hang up my LIVE sign.

Kind of like how I picked up these decorative plates for my kitchen because the background of the plates is the color I want to paint my kitchen.

Don’t most people probably do it the other way around?  Paint their walls and then purchase pictures and wall hangings?

Me? I buy the pictures and then paint the walls to match.

I’ve wanted to paint the kitchen walls the dark brick color ever since I saw the neighbor’s kitchen painted in those colors.  She has black and white marble counters that I want too, so I’m not even waiting to hang those plates up because I know it will be awhile before we can even consider my plans for the kitchen.

But the entryway~ that will be an October project.  I have the paint and a husband willing to help, so I should be able to hang that sign soon.

The sunflower picture will have to go.

The two signs over the doorway in the entryway can stay.

But the wallpaper?  I want it to go, but have never removed wallpaper before, so not sure how much work it would be.  David, on the other hand, wants to keep the wallpaper.

Perhaps all I really need is the right picture to change his mind.

This one didn’t do the trick, despite the fact it really doesn’t match the flower print wallpaper.

But then, it does match the can of paint we have.

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