So Easy a Monkey Could Do It

Since coupon usage does not require talent and has no productive value to the economy, the time and energy costs of coupon saving are a dead-weight economic loss. Consumers are being ‘paid’ to perform tasks which merely redistribute income without producing anything of value. This is the classic economic criticism of gambling, and coupons may be considered a form of talentless and luckless gambling.”   This was written by a professor of Economics in 1982.   (you’ll have to read my book to learn more)

In other words, coupon use is so easy, a monkey could do it.

I could take offense at this kind of attitude, but I don’t.  Some days the deals to be had are so obvious, I wonder why everyone isn’t doing them.  I wonder why a woman will reach wayyyyy past the boxes of Triscuit crackers that have the $1 peelie coupon attached to grab one that doesn’t have one.  So she can spend $1 more than me? So her box isn’t marred by the sticky residue the peel-off coupon might leave behind?

I might not live in an area of the country where I can regularly double coupons, but there are still some easy ways to save money here in Iowa, and just this past week I discovered these deals;

Nivea lip gloss on sale at Walgreens this week for $1.  $1 coupons in last Sunday’s newspaper means 10 free lip glosses that will go in my daughter’s stockings this Christmas.

Kraft Twists snacks, 12 in a package, marked down at Hy-Vee for $1 a package. Eleven $1 coupons in my coupon box meant 11 free packages.

Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones frozen meals competitor’s ad price of $1.67, purchased ten and used a $4 off 10 coupon for a net cost of $12.70 for ten meals. I take these to work with me on Saturday so it makes a cheap meal~ only $1.27 each. Sometimes I add a little baked chicken to the Alfredo and give David one for a quick meal, too. These usually retail for $2.19 each.

David goes through a lot of gum so I am always on the lookout for gum coupons.  Since his cancer treatment, he has no saliva so chews gum most of the day.  Last Sunday’s paper had a $1 off Mentos gum coupon and these retail at our Fareway for $1.19, so 19-cents each after coupon.  The bottled flavored water product was on a display with a sign $10/10, so $1 each.  Attached to these bottles was a $1 coupon. Can you say FREE?  Chilled, these might not be too bad for a little pick-me-up at work.

By keeping a fairly well-stocked coupon box and watching sale prices I was able to stretch our budget a little farther this week, and have some fun doing it too.

Almost as much fun as hanging from a branch eating a banana.

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