If You Give a Mary a Mop, aka My day in child’s prose.

If you give a Mary a mop, she’s going to ask you for a bucket to hold the water in.

When she sees the bucket, she’s going to remember she needs a container for some of the kid’s toys.

When she sorts through the toys to put in the bucket, she is going to find some to go in her garage sale.

When she wants to price them, she will realize she is out of pricing stickers and take a trip to Walmart to get some.

In Walmart, she will see some shampoo on clearance that she has coupons for in her coupon box.

At home.

She will go back home for the coupon box and forget the pricing stickers.

When she gets home, she will realize she didn’t cut out last week’s coupons, so she’ll ask for a scissors.

When her daughter hands her the scissors she was using, she’ll notice how long her fingernails have gotten and she’ll ask for the clippers.

After her daughter’s nails are clipped, she tells her that she wants to take a shower.

When she starts the shower for her daughter, she remembers the shampoo on sale at the store.

And the pricing stickers.

She looks at the clock and realizes the store is closed.

And her house isn’t clean.

So she asks for the mop.

Then realizes all her floors are carpeted.

So she goes to bed.

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