Book Sale Bonanza

Not only did my husband and I enjoy a super shopping spree today, we went to a book sale, one of our favorite dates.  When we arrived inside the basement, we saw a tower of boxes with this label:

We filled 11 boxes and two tote bags.  We actually filled three tote bags but somewhere in the melee, we left one behind.  I called, and they are holding it for us.  I see all these boxes of books, and all I can think of is the one I left behind.  If I can scrounge up some more Ziploc coupons to make a trip worth it, we may just go to pick it up tomorrow.

I thought I had been through all the books on the shelves when I told David to sit down and take it easy while I made one quick lap through the building again.  Lo and behold, on the bottom shelf of the religion section I found a real gem; a vintage Catholic book about saints. That book alone is worth the $30 I paid for all the boxes of books put together. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow, after I locate it.

Unless it is in the tote bag I left behind.

I found some other treasures amid the stacks that I will also take pictures of.  Of course, a lot of these books are headed for my garage sale on Thursday, and some I chose because I know Half Price Books would pay a decent price if they don’t sell at my sale.

I’m sure my back will hurt tomorrow from carrying heavy boxes of books, but tonight, I’m enjoying a job well done.

4 thoughts on “Book Sale Bonanza

  1. Carole M says:

    Sounds like a heavenly date for me and my hubby too! You will have to give me some pointers on selling books. I live too far out to do yardsales here but I have listed on Ebay. Is the HalfPrice books a better deal thena regular auction? Well back to my piles here~ Thanks for sharing!

    • Mary Potter Kenyon says:

      I don’t sell books online. It is too much trouble and I don’t want to mess with mailing books. I have a lot of book lovers that come to my garage sales now~ They know my sales. A few return on Saturday for a half-price sale on books. I don’t buy for re-sale unless it is great deals like this. I won’t pay 50-cents or $1 to try and re-sell something. I just love books and can’t stop buying them; for myself, my kids, my friends, for gifts, and to sell. HalfPrice books gives me a decent price on newer books but they don’t itemize what they give you and they will donate what they don’t actually put out on the shelves. So unless you know what they are looking for, you could bring in a box of paperbacks and only get a couple dollars! I take in my leftovers and get a decent price (average about $12 a box).

  2. Janice says:

    Was this in Waterloo? If so I’m glad to see they are selling their books by the box now, more reasonable. I used to go to that sale but I quit because it became too pricey.

    What books do well at Half Price Books? You said newer books – I took some 2010 paperbacks there last week along with tons of magazines and got all of $4, LOL.

    • Mary Potter Kenyon says:

      Janice, I think magazines average about a dime, hardly worth bringing unless you want a little credit towards more, which is what I want! :o) How many books did you bring? $4 isn’t much credit for newer books. Were they paperback? I try selling at my garage sale first and then what I get for leftovers is kind of like icing on the cake. I average about $12 a box (big box) but have gotten as much as $75 for four big boxes and that is the primo stuff~ all newer non-fiction for instance.

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