Garage Sale in two weeks

Two weeks from today is my next planned garage sale. This is just a small area on the back porch. Most of these boxes contain books. My attic stairs hold the extra stockpiled items. I never know what I’ll be storing from clearance sales and sales that I combine my coupons with.  Sometimes it is a lot of toilet paper and razors. This time there are 50+ Hefty bags and 80+ Bic pens, along with the usual toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. A few customers will be disappointed. They tell me they stock up by my sales and this time I don’t have as much variety.

I do have a huge selection of books, however. These boxes hold 20 books a piece, and there are 20 boxes on the shelves on the back porch.

400 standard sized paperbacks, and that isn’t even counting all the other books in boxes.

Conservative estimate with all the hardcovers and children’s books that are still in boxes: 700 books total.

I may be crazy, but I price books individually.  This time I might price every book except the ones I would be pricing at a quarter. My husband insists people will peel off the other labels and claim they were amongst the 25-cents books.  I’d like to think the average person is more honest than that.

I always hold a half-price sale on my books on the Saturday morning of my sale.  This time I’ll be working at my sister’s shop while David runs the sale that morning.

Besides pricing, the next two weeks will be spent sorting and cleaning around here, looking for more things to sell. Garage sales are a lot of work to put together but I have a lot of fun with them, too. My mother likes to sit on the porch and watch people as they shop.  She is already looking forward to doing that in two weeks.

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