Facing the Scale, Part Deux

I gingerly stepped up on the scale, hiding my eyes with my hand. It had been five weeks since I’d faced a scale, five weeks without my TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) group to cheer me on, uplift me, keep me accountable. Five weeks in which there was a 20-day lapse in walking with my sister while her knee healed from an injury.  Surely I had gained, but how much? Five weeks with no early morning writing pages as per Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet book. Five weeks of avoiding the topic on here, and with my husband who nervously bit his lip when I wondered out loud about the advisability of dropping out of a support group.  He knew better than to say anything, this wise man who has been married to me for over 31 years.  If he agreed that I should re-join the support group, then I would take it as an insult, that he thought I needed to lose weight. If he disagreed, then I would twist it and say he wasn’t supporting me in my weight loss.  So he remained silent.

Yet I knew that avoidance was not going to make the number go away. That I had to face it someday, sooner rather than later, since I had a doctor’s appointment coming up.

When another sister, who has recently lost a great deal of weight herself, mentioned weighing in every Thursday morning, I tentatively asked her if I could come over and weigh in at the same time. I don’t own a scale and I thought it was about time I took the “bull by the horns,” so to speak, and “face the music.”  (In case you haven’t noticed before, I do like my idioms and axioms)

So Thursday morning was to be my first weigh-in at my sister’s house.  Her scale was one of those digital ones, where you tap the front of the scale first, then wait until it registers ZERO before stepping on.  So I did that, eyes grimaced shut, hand covering eyes, and then I peeked down at the number through my splayed fingers.


(You didn’t really think I was going to share that number with you, did you?)

I jumped off, waited, tapped it again, waited, then gingerly stepped back on.

I’d lost five pounds.

Five pounds in five weeks.

5 pounds added on to the 3 pounds I’d lost before that when I’d begun working my way through Julia Cameron’s book = a respectable 8 pounds total in 12 weeks.  Hardly The Biggest Loser type of weight loss, but for a woman who hasn’t been this weight for over 14 years, a decent start.

Admittedly, this was a different scale than I’d been dealing with in the past two years, so I have to say I did have my qualms about claiming those five pounds until I saw the doctor yesterday, and his scale, too, registered that same difference.

I’d like to share with you my method of weight loss except I really am not sure what it was. It wasn’t the support group, since I dropped out.  It wasn’t the walking, since I’d missed so many days of walking and didn’t substitute an equal amount of bike riding for it, either.  It wasn’t even writing in my “morning pages” as Cameron suggests in her book.  Instead, it had to be the fact that I’d been so busy these past 30 days that I was eating differently. I didn’t sit down and eat a big meal except for perhaps once or twice in those past 30 days. Instead, I grabbed a little chicken now and then, and a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  A hand full of almonds, a protein bar.  And when it was hot (and Iowa has been really hot this summer), I’d occasionally have a bowl of Special K with peaches.

I plan on weighing in at my sister’s house every Thursday, just for the accountability, and so I don’t back-slide.

So, if you’ve been avoiding the scale yourself for awhile, maybe it is time to face it.

You just might be surprised at the number.

4 thoughts on “Facing the Scale, Part Deux

  1. Lisa says:

    I am so proud of you.. As you know (or maybe don’t remember) I lost 30 lbs over 2 years ago and have kept it off. I never exercised to do this, all I have done is eat 5x a day, but much much smaller portions. I use a smaller plate at dinner then everyone else, and when I am FULL, I STOP EATING! I do have a snack before bed, and the only thing I eat for breakfast is 1 piece of Arnolds Multi 12 grain brain, toasted with sugar free jelly and low fat peanut butter on it. And let me tell you it fills me up till lunch, I usually wake up about 6. And I drink 2-3 cups of tea, with milk in it, and eat about 8-8:30. Then I really am not hungry until 12-1. I really think the grains in the bread fill me up. Although all I drink is water then, which is what I prefer, I haven’t drank soda for years, and when I do drink juice it really does taste to “sweet” for me.
    I know everyone has there way of doing things, but this has worked for me. I sometimes eat a snack at 3, I really do eat anything I want but just till I feel full. Dinner about 5-6 and then a snack while I watch some TV at 8 or so, I won’t tell you what I do eat you won’t believe me if I tell you.. LOL.. People can’t believe that I eat a “sweet” before bed, but it’s been working for me..

    Good Luck in your weight loss, how much do you want to loose if you don’t mind me asking?

    Love ya friend,

  2. Beth says:

    Isn’t it a great feeling when you lose weight? I lost 7 pounds between the middle of May and the end of June. I was so busy with my son graduating high school and planning him a party. I was also cutting out chocolate and eating too much at once because I wasn’t feeling well after eating sometimes. Now I feel better and I have kept off the weight so far. Keep up the good work. Even if you don’t go to tops, it can still be good if you post on here how you do. Just knowing that you can talk to someone can help keep the weight off.

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